About Us

Kecoak Elektronik is an Indonesia non-profit organization that promotes community and creativity through technology. We provide free resources and training to people and organizations hoping to advance their use of technology in non-commercial creative works and community-building efforts. We are also the oldest Indonesia hacker group that defended the classical hacker-mind since 1995!

Hacking Philosophy

Hacking is about thinking for yourself. Hacking needs a place for meeting, discussing, testing, proving, questioning, designing, redesigning, engineering, reengineering, searching, researching, hacking, phreaking, brainstorming and understanding. As our world is getting more and more complex, gaining and sharing knowledge is key to survival. There is a need for open communication and a free, unlimited exchange of ideas and concepts. - CCC

In Memoriam

From its humble beginnings, Kecoak Elektronik has always been about community. Over the years, a handful of people have voluntarily contributed a great deal of time and energy to our projects - or simply making a community a fun thing to be involved with. With such a long history, we have had our losses. One of our friend that we came to regard as a kind of extended family left us before his time, and we would like to remember here.

dr. Judhi Hartono, known to his friends as Pro-Vider left us on 26th April 2016. He is remembered fondly by his family and friends. Goodbye our dearest friend, you will always be remembered as someone very kind, and wise beyond your years.

Resident Evil Thinker
Account Request

We give away free Kecoak Elektronik user accounts to anyone who asks politely. You can use our account for e-mail, web hosting, programming, and other non-commercial purposes. People have used their Kecoak Elektronik's accounts to host web sites for non-profit organizations, to further their own education, to host their personal web sites, and to collaborate with other Kecoak Elektronik staff on projects.

We try to help connect Kecoak Elektronik staff with one another. People in the Kecoak Elektronik community often help each other, both by teaching each other effective uses of technology, and by providing constructive feedback on creative projects. This furthers learning both by those seeking help and by the informal mentors who provide help.

Kecoak Elektronik users have direct access to the computing and communications resources that the organization maintains. As a user, you can have an account on the computer server; our machines running in the Debian Linux, CentOS Linux, Ubuntu Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, CoreOS and Windows 2012 operating system. This account has a rich set of tools available to help you share your creativity with the world.

Send a polite email to "account-request@k-elektronik.org" asking for an account. Please detail how you plan to use the account in your request. We will send you additional information on becoming a public user.